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The beauty of having a computer is the ability to control its features. However, those features are typically designed by the manufacturer on most devices we use, leaving us to find alternate ways to individualize our possessions in search of our autonomy.  In this era, digital devices are becoming more of a daily necessity versus a luxury. This comes with an increase in businesses digitizing. In order to help you maintain some individuality with your digital device, we’ve provided some tips to help you personalize your devices display settings, desktop background and screensaver.

1.  Use the 'Cortana' search feature to find pretty much anything you are looking for.  Go to the task bar at the very bottom of your screen and type in the search menu (magnifying glass icon), "display settings".

2.  Click on the start menu and move your mouse two icons above the start menu to the sprocket/cog and click there.  Click that and then click on 'Display Settings".

3.  Right click on the desktop background to open up the secondary mouse menu, and hover over 'display settings'.

Getting to this menu will allow you to adjust things like your resolution, aspect ratio, color scheme, power saving settings, and more.  There are also often advanced display settings located at the bottom of this screen if your screen has things like a CEC setting (consumer electronics control).  You can also detect a second display and arrange those displays as needed in this screen.

To change your desktop background, first make sure you have a picture that is of good quality or resolution.  The last thing you want to do is to put a picture on your desktop and not be able to recognize it as this may actually become bothersome or put a strain on your eyes.  To determine the resolution of your image you can go here and upload the image to determine resolution.  Once you know the quality of your image (if you didn't already) then you are ready to set it as your desktop background.

1.  Right click image on desktop and hover mouse over the 'set as desktop background' option, and click that option.  This should automatically set the desired image as your desk top background.

2.  Click on the start menu and move your mouse two icons above the start menu to the sprocket/cog and click there.  Click that and then click on 'Personalization'. This will take you to many options to personalize the theme and look of your computer, including your desktop background and the way your browsing windows and text look.  There are also advanced options available at times depending on your device's hardware.

Now that you know how to change those settings and personalize your computer, the challenge is finding which Avengers superhero you want to set as your desktop image or looking for your second screen and stand to double up on your viewing power for your work or gaming station.  Below we’ve listed a video that covers some of the aspects of what we have mentioned above.


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