Data Destruction & Proper Recycling

Peace of Mind

Improper disposal of electronic waste can cause toxic chemicals to seep into the land and contaminate our waterways!


Are you confident that your personal or company's electronic waste is being recycled properly? 

Do you have hard drives collecting dust? 

Do you worry about discarding them or are unsure how to dispose of your old electronics? 

What about all that data currently stored on the hardware, is it safe to dispose of? 


We understand that not knowing what to do with old electronics is a roadblock and therefore leads to stockpiling adding to the graveyard of outdated and old technology.  

Advancements in technology have left our data vulnerable to theft when disposing of our electronic waste. Data breaches and identity theft or other malicious activity regarding personal data and valuable information is a common concern when discarding our devices.

New2U Computers offers guaranteed destruction and erasures service that meet or exceed NIST 800-80 and Department of Defense 5220-22-M guidelines. New2U Computers properly and ethically destroys old data, recycles, and or refurbishes your old electronics by following strict guidelines and protocols. 

New2U Computers, a division of Disability Resources, Inc. is the first non-profit electronics waste recycler in Northern Nevada to achieve R2:2013, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS:2007 certifications.  R2 recyclers are audited annually and follow strict industry standards to ensure the quality, transparency, and environmentally responsible practices of their facilities and regarding their vendors.  In addition, to ensure your security, we offer guaranteed data destruction and erasure services that meet or exceed NIST 800-80 and Department of Defense 5220-2-M guidelines.  This is in accordance with the data security requirements for R2 certifications.